Prefixes and Suffixes

Every line can be given a prefix or suffix, if desired. For example:

with say.settings(prefix='> '):

Will give what text email and Markdown consider a quoted block look:

> this
> that

Or if you’d like some text to be quoted with blue quotes:

say(text, prefix=styled('> ', 'blue'))

And if you like your output numbered:



1: this
2: and
3: that

You can instantiate different numberers for different files, and if you like, use the start keyword argument to start a numberer on a designated value.

Aother common prefixing scenario is needing to use one prefix on the first line, but a second prefix on the remainder of lines. The Python REPL uses this scheme, for example, with the prefix strings '>>> ' and '... '. If you’d like that scheme, just:

say(text, prefix=first_rest('>>> ', '... '))